Voroklini Village Tavernio

Oroklini Tavernio is located in the heart of Voroklini Village
or as more commonly known as Oroklini Village in Larnaca district, Cyprus, to the North East of Larnaca.
Its population in 2011 was 6,134 and has grown since.
Oroklini is the site of protected shallow salt lakes, home to a variety of bird species, including Pink Flamingos. The lake with its 65 species of aquatic birds and a numerous types of plants give the visitor the chance of discovering the Cypriot flora and fauna. Some of these birds are unique in the European area.
There are also several deserted chapels in the area next to the mountainside, the old mines where the French poet Arthure Rimbaud worked for some time, offer a pleasant and joyful journey and the church of the Prophet Ilias up on the hill, with the amazing view of the village and Larnaca Bay in the horizon.

History of Voroklini Village Tavernion

Our Traditional Taverna dates back to the year 1903 when it then used to be a coffee shop or as the Cypriots know it as (Kafenion in greek).
It was then owned by a man called Kiriako, or better known by village locals as Kettiros which was his nickname, a very respected man.
In fact till this day his name remains above the exterior door of the taverna and his photograph inside.
Interestingly Kettiros had a adjacent door from the inside of the Kafenion to his house next door which made it convenient for him to be open from the crack of dawn till late at night.


These coffee shops (Kafenia) still exist in every village you go to, there will be at least 2 maybe 3 of them.
They are social club for the locals (men in general) and more popular with the older retired generation who would spend time amusing themselves socially, by playing backgammon, cards etc, passing their time drinking Coffee, Beer, or the Cypriot traditional Local alcohol beverage Zivania,  sitting outside by the pavement and watching People walking by whilst engaging in general chit chat.

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